Soraya Cosaert

Welcome to my UX world

Who am I

An enthusiastic open minded creative women with passion for design and love for traveling. A social person with a big heart, positive vibe and people skills. A flexible and hard worker with strong focus.

What I do

I make sure the interests of end users and the requirements of the client meet-up and are translated into an awesome experience.

How I work

Get to know the user, their processes and their needs. Using techniques such as contextual inquiry, mind mapping, focus groups and card sorting to discover user needs. I translate the target group into persona’s and their user process in a customer journey. After defining the requirements I translate these into sketches, Axure prototypes and designs. I validate this with all stakeholders in short iterations in an agile way. Even after development I never settle and keep improving.

What I believe

I believe in user centered design. User behavior tells how to get to the right design. I’m just the translator. I believe a good atmosphere with reliable and fun colleagues will result in the best designs. I believe freedom make people take ownership, feel responsible and work harder.

Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.

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